Moral Compass Project

Since 2008, the Knights of Columbus have been tracking the values and morality of the American people through a series of polls conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

Two years and almost a dozen polls later, some of the results that we’ve found were expected. Many others were surprising. We’ve asked Americans on everything from marriage to divorce, from abortion to euthanasia, from same sex marriage to the role of religion in our lives, to the importance of traditional ethics in business and in politics.

What we have found was less a conflict of “sides” on issues, and more a consensus on motivations: the motivation which drives Americans day after day, the motivations which should—and should not—guide business decisions, and the motivations of the nation as it faces some of the most difficult days of recent memory.

In almost every instance, we haven’t seen an America that’s divided red versus blue, or right versus left. We’ve seen an American consensus that’s morally united. And, regardless of the question, the answers have all pointed in one way or another to a fundamental truth: traditional moral values still have a place in 21st century America.